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Children Portraits

The Magical Years Photography Studio offers photo sessions and special packages for the following stages of your child's growth: Newborn, Babies, Toddlers, Children. You will find details about these individual services below.



First Year Special Package - (View Pricing): A Baby's First Year of life is the most monumental year of all. Each day is filled with new discoveries and milestones. Capturing and documenting these special moments is our goal. You will be amazed at how quickly your new baby changes and how fast the first year is gone. Our studio offers a special "Newborn First Year" package which includes three photo sessions within the first year:

  • Newborn Session: withing 3-10 days preferred. Perfect timing to include our photos with your birth announcements.
  • 6-7 Months Session: as your baby begins sitting up but is not yet crawling when their personalities begin to come out
  • 12 months Session: when they maybe standing and ready to take on the world.

Newborn Sample Album


There is something so special about the custom portrait experience when it involves a baby. Babies are so sweet and mesmerizing. It's pure bliss to photograph little ones.

Our style is to capture your child's personality. We strive to record who your child is, in an honest, beautiful and unique way. Our aim is to make your babies' portraits a cherished heirloom, something you want to keep forever.

We come to you: Your home, your favorite park, a downtown sidewalk or even a birthday party or special event are all part of our service. By having your family in surroundings that they feel comfortable with, it makes the experience enjoyable, and that will come across in your portraits.

We offer up to two hours of quality time to really capture who your child is. You will never have to feel anxious about getting them to smile, because each session is laid back and fun. Your child may need a hug, a snack, or even some silly time to get comfortable in front of the camera. Your baby may need some cuddles or time to feed. We enjoy this downtime to get to know your family even more, creating a connection that will impact your photographs.

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Babies Sample Album


During your toddler's photo session we allow their personality to shine! Natural settings, props, playing dress up, costumes, and more all help to make a memorable photo keepsake that your family will cherish. (View Pricing)

Toddler Sample Album

Children Portraits

As your child ages, we focus on their expressions showcasing their innocence, beauty, or sometimes their spunk! Let our studio help you to capture the magic of your child's growing personalities. (View Pricing)

Children Sample Album