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Client FTP Center

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What Is The FTP Center?

The FTP Center is a way for clients to upload files to our studio securely and privately online using only your internet browser. No program (.exe) files are allow to be uploaded. Please test your files for viruses before uploading to our site. Clients usually upload files to our studio to be included in DVD slideshows.

Get A Username & Password

To enter the file sharing center you must first acquire a seperate username and password to login. Please contact us and ask for them. Identify who you are and why you need to access the FTP center.

Important Instructions

Once you enter the file sharing center you will see a page saying Java is loading. You must have Java installed on your computer which it usually is.

Your files on your computer will show on the left side and our online files will show on the right side. Just find the files you wish to upload and click the "Upload" button. Make sure you click to open your own folder labeled with your name on the right side first before you begin your upload. All your files should be uploaded to your own folder online. Send us an email when you have uploaded new files.

Enter the File Sharing Center